For the first time, there is now an opportunity to apply for research funds made available by the Foundation to prevent antibiotic resistance. The Foundation gives direct financial support for research, educational initiatives and information activities aimed at combating antibiotic resistance. The purpose of the projects should be to reduce the use of antibiotics through preventive measures that strengthen the immune system and thereby reduce the number of infections. The foundation plans to allocate SEK four million.

“To do something to reduce the development of antibiotic resistance has always been important to me since we founded BioGaia. Thanks to the Foundation I now get the opportunity to do so by contributing to important scientific research in the field. We believe that by preventing infections that would otherwise require antibiotics, you can reduce the risk of resistance faster and more cost efficient,” says Peter Rothschild, Chairman of the Foundation to prevent antibiotic resistance.

To strengthen the immune system
The fight against the increasing and serious antibiotic resistance, that kills at least 25,000 people in Europe every year, is carried on many fronts. The Foundation to prevent antibiotic resistance will focus on preventive measures that strengthen the immune system and thus prevent infections. Fewer infections in turn reduce the need for antibiotics and hence the risk of antibiotic resistance.

Applications must be received by the Foundation no later than 12 October 2018. The selection of projects that will be funded are taken by the Board at the end of November.

The initiative to establish the Foundation comes from BioGaia, a healthcare company that develops, markets and sells probiotic products with documented health benefits.