When will you announce granted applications?2018-11-09T13:25:13+00:00

Decisions on granted applications will be announced to all applicants after the Board has made its decision. Information will be published on the Foundation’s website. Justification for granted or refused applications will not be provided.

How much funding can we apply for?2018-11-09T13:27:31+00:00

The foundation has no general limitation on the amount requested. The board will decide on the amount of financial contribution.

Are there any time span limits for projects applying?2018-11-09T13:29:15+00:00

A project that receives funding can last up to three years.

In which language should the application be made?2018-11-09T13:30:05+00:00

The application can be made in both Swedish and English.

What should be included in our application?2018-11-09T13:34:18+00:00

The application form is mandatory and must be completed in order to be considered as a completed application. You also have the possibility to ad other documents such as project plan, CV, etc.

How to apply?2018-11-15T13:35:35+00:00

You can find the application form on the Foundation’s website. Read the instructions and fill in the form. Attach any necessary documents.

When to apply?2018-11-15T13:34:44+00:00

The application period is open during May – August each year. The next period for applications will start May 2019.

Who can apply?2018-11-15T13:32:45+00:00

The Foundation gives direct financial support to research, educational initiatives and information activities within the field of antibiotic resistance. The purpose of the projects should be to reduce the use of antibiotics through preventive measures that strengthen the immune system in animals and humans and thereby reduce the number of infections.

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