The Foundation will support, stimulate and reward research, education and information activities in Sweden which aim to reduce the use of antibiotics through preventive measures that improve the immune system of humans and animals.
The Foundation will provide stipends and research grants as well as supporting education. Recipients can be companies or individuals who conduct research or work with education or information in Sweden in the field of antibiotic resistance.
Funds for stipends and grants will come from BioGaia which established the Foundation.

Application/Calls for proposals

Applications can be made once per year. The application period is open during May – August each year. Approved applications are announced in November.

Applications received are dealt with by the Board. The selection of projects that will be funded are taken by the Board.

The Foundation’s decision on approved grants for 2018 will be announced in the end of November. Persons or companies that receive funding commit to communicate their project on a publicly accessible-scientific level through a media directed at the public, for example, press release, lectures or in other ways reaching out with new knowledge to the public.

Support is not provided for the development of new antibiotics, travel to conferences, information or training of health professionals to reduce prescription of antibiotics. The decisions taken by the board are final and cannot be appealed.

Application 2019

Please contact Aase Sten, Secretary General at the Foundation, for any questions.

Aase Sten
Secretary General at the Foundation to prevent antibiotic resistance
Mobile: +46 72-723 27 00