Supporting the fight against antibiotic resistance

The Foundation was formed to support the fight against antibiotic resistance by funding research and development of products and methods that prevent infection by strengthening the immune system of humans and animals.

Application deadline for the year has now ended


Notification of granted applications

The Foundation's decision on approved grants will be announced in the end of November, 2018. Persons receiving funding commit to communicate their project on a publicly accessible-scientific level through a media directed at the public, for example, press release, lectures or in other ways reaching out with new knowledge to the public.

For more information please contact Aase Sten, Secretary General of the Foundation:

The Board of the Foundation

Peter Rothschild

Peter Rothschild

Chairman of the Foundation.
Founder and Chairman of the Board of BioGaia. President of BioGaia 1996-2016.

Ewa Björling

Ewa Björling

Member of the Swedish Parliament and Minister for Trade in the 2007-2014 government. Minister for Nordic Cooperation 2010-2014. Doctor of Medicine and Associate Professor at the Karolinska Institute. Member of the Board of BioGaia

Lars Engstrand

Lars Engstrand

Professor at the Karolinska Institute, Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology (MTC). Director Centre for Translational Microbiome Research at Karolinska Institutet / Science for Life Laboratory. Lars Engstrand also has a large number of international assignments

Stig Wall

Stig Wall

Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology and Health Care Research at Umeå University with experience of collaborative research work in Africa and Asia and as advisor to WHO

Anna Nordlander

Anna Nordlander

Assistant Senior Physician at the Department of Infectious Diseases at Karolinska University Hospital

The Foundation’s creators

Reducing the use of antibiotics

The Board of Directors of BioGaia AB decided to start a foundation to contribute to the fight against antibiotic resistance. To reduce the use of antibiotics in animal production was the reason for the formation of BioGaia 28 years ago. Ever since, antibiotic resistance has been a central issue for the company. BioGaia will allocate, subject to the approval at the Annual General Meeting, a part of the company’s profits to the Foundation every year.

For more information

Aase Sten
Secretary General of the Foundation   Send email
  +46 72-723 27 00

The Foundation’s purpose


The Foundation will support, stimulate and reward research, education and information activities in Sweden which aim to reduce the use of antibiotics through preventive measures that improve the immune system of humans and animals.

The Foundation will provide stipends and research grants as well as supporting education. Recipients can be companies and individuals who conduct research or work with education or information in Sweden.

Funds for stipends and grants will come from BioGaia which established the Foundation. In 2018 there is SEK 4 million to be allocated.

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